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    How to Enjoy Blogs

    Blogs look like any another page in the internet to a regular user.

    But like how google search is now considered a skill, knowing if a blog is good is something you’ll appreciate.

    Most of the fun internet content are on blogs!

    At least I think so. Why? Blogs are easier to write than youtube videos. Blogs are lovingly-maintained by their creators.

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    19 Feb 2024

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    You can now add a comment section to your site with Bhread

    replying to Bhread updates.

    What’s this?

    Bhread now provides a piece of code you can put on your site that will display replies from all of Bhread.

    This feature will also work if the user doesn’t have JS enabled.

    How to add a Bhread comment section in hugo

    Copy this code:

        // Wait for bhread to send a message to resize
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    18 Feb 2024

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    About Bhread

    Welcome to Bhread.com!

    Bhread.com is a platform that makes threads out of blogs.

    To get started, you need:

    • A blog with an RSS or Atom Feed

    Register an account on bhread.com and add a feed. Follow the instructions on the feed creation page.

    After registration and verification, bhread will (politely) scan your feed every 2 minutes. If it finds a p…

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    12 Feb 2024

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    Lazy Loading with HTMX

    Bhread now lazy loads posts!

    What is lazy loading?

    Lazy loading is a technique for waiting to load certain parts of a webpage — especially images — until they are needed. source

    Visiting bhread.com will show 6 posts. If you reach the bottom of the page, it will load 8 more. The process repeats until no more posts are found. This is also known as…

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    12 Feb 2024