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    I’ve been developing applications for around 3 years now. Mostly just for fun, and for my personal use. But now, with a new job, I have to work with a team.

    In this job, I noticed myself making a lot of small mistakes repeatedly: Forgetting to push commits before asking for code review, forgetting to set a variable to False before pushing, or outr…

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    22 Jun 2024

  2. EA
    About this site

    About this site #

    This site contains notes, thoughts, images and code by me (unless specified otherwise. Also, memes are excempted to this rule). The articles I write are mainly for my own reference. From time to time, I aim to reach an audience. It’s also an excuse for me to call myself a writer.

    Design #

    I wanted this website to capt…

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    15 Jun 2024

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    About the author

    About the author #

    I’m a software developer based in the Philippines. I like inventing stuff. I like seeing new things come from my work.

    Editor #

    I use Neovim with NVChad as my editor. I don’t need a lot, I only write Python, and some JS and CSS for my day job. In the past, I’ve used VSCode and Emacs. VSCode is nice but I hate that th…

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    15 Jun 2024

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    Introducing Myself

    Hi. Starting today, I’ll start this blog as a personal log of everything that I want to say. I mainly plan to add my opinions on some topics that interest me (I’ll stay away from rants) and helpful things that I learn and encounter as I go.

    Since I am coming into the computer industry without formal education on the topic, this blog could also be …

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    15 Jun 2024

  5. EA
    Code Snippets #0: Deploy when port exists using recursion

    I’m starting a new category of posts called “Code Snippets” where I share code I find interesting.

    In this first installment is a simple code snippet I originally wrote in Powershell to scan a local port continuously and do something when the port is found:

    function deploy(): 
    	if ( port_exists(port) ):
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    15 Jun 2024

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    My first year of being a professional programmer

    I met my goal. #

    I posted a blog post on August 6, 2021 stating that I want to get a job before april 2022. During that time, I was creating projects for my resume. I was reading up on what people in the industry have to say about landing a job without a degree. The most common advice is to have projects that demonstrate my skills to potenti…

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    15 Jun 2024

  7. EA
    Code Snippets #1: What the heck is hardhat's console.log?

    I was tasked to create ethereum smart contracts in my previous job.

    the library most recommended by other developers to create smart contracts was hardhat.

    to create and debug the smart contracts, I developed them using test-driven-development methods. The tests gave me a way to print out and inspect variables.

    just as I was done with the develop…

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    15 Jun 2024